Create Login Pop-up to Reinforce Acceptable Use Policy for IT

John Storts

As a manager, you've likely created and distributed an acceptable use policy to keep workers informed of your company's rules and codes of business conduct when it comes to IT resources. New employees are briefed on the details of the policy as part of orientation, and you probably hold a refresher meeting once a year or more, especially if rules change or issues crop up. So, you've done the right things to make sure everyone stays informed and out of trouble.


These actions would probably suffice for most companies, but in some working environments, additional reminders may prove necessary in order to help maintain compliance with laws regarding public disclosure and records retention.


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Seven Recommendations for a New Era of Compliance

Take a more proactive approach to managing the complexity of compliance.

The City and County of San Francisco Committee on Information Technology (COIT) recognizes the need to ensure that users of City computers and other information technology resources are reminded of their obligation to use them solely for City business.


To remind employees that they shouldn't expect privacy when it comes to any incidental personal information stored on their computers, the City created an Acceptable Use Pop-up Policy that requires a pop-up communication to appear every time they log in to City computers or e-mail accounts. The pop-up communication reminds employees that all documents and e-mail are stored in department archives in compliance with local and state laws and discourages employees from transmitting or storing any private documents or e-mail on City computers.


Create a pop-up reminder for your organization to help keep the rules at the forefront of their minds.

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