'Consumerization Strategy Roadmap' Tool Helps You Plot Your Course

John Storts
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A Humorous Look at the Consumerization of IT

It's a fact: Personal mobile devices have made their way into your company network. Consumerization of IT is rampant, whether CIOs or CISOs like it or not. While many security and other issues exist, employee-owned smartphones, tablets and laptops provide a high level of convenience and flexibility.


As an IT decision maker, you've heard this before. You probably field requests about using personal devices for work every day. You may even allow users to access company resources on an as-needed basis. But do you have a clear-cut plan for approaching the "bring-your-own-device" (BYOD) demand?


Info-Tech Research Group's Consumerization Strategy Roadmap Tool helps you answer the demand for consumerization and then plot the appropriate course in your organization. This Excel-based tool offers 23 crucial questions you need to ask of your company before pursuing BYOD approaches. The category types are:

  • Organizing demographics
  • Demand for consumerization
  • Organizational strategy
  • Appetite for investment risk
  • Size of audience
  • Existing investments
  • Need for security


You may not be able to run from the consumerization of IT, but, with the assistance of this strategy roadmap, you may quickly get a handle on how it affects your business needs - or if BYOD is non-essential.

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