Consistent, Targeted Training Can Save IT Headaches

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Last week, after having dinner with a couple that my wife and I have been friends with for many years, our conversation turned, inevitably it seems, to frustrations with work. I remained mum for most of it; not because I don't have the occasional occupational gripe, but because my companions all have a wealth of insights into the challenges faced by information workers.


While the three of them differed in terms of specific titles, they all suffered at the hands of coworkers and clients who lacked baseline IT-oriented training that would have made everyone's life much easier.


The names have been changed to protect the innocent, but what you are about to read is true: Summer is an attorney who has to routinely fix problems with the office printer because other staff members don't know how to select the right paper trays for their particular tasks. Luke calls himself a Web programmer and graphic designer, but he often must troubleshoot problems with other people's Microsoft Office applications instead of getting his own work done. Christie expresses exasperation that a library coworker can't seem to remember his passwords and, when she works with him to set up email accounts, she discovers that he uses his cats' names. Furthermore, he talks about the cats all the time, so his password practices are, shall we say, not good.


To me, all of this could be avoided by organizational training. If you feel plagued by hassles similar to those described by Summer, Luke and Christie, point your neighborhood IT manager to IT Downloads' training resources. This is just a taste:

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