Colorado State University Offers Social Media Best Practices

John Storts

Colorado State University recently contributed three social media best-practices documents to the Knowledge Network. CSU encourages the use of social networking tools to connect with prospective and current students, staff, faculty, partners and alumni. These documents communicate guidelines for participating in social media efforts on behalf of the University.


IT managers responsible for creating similar policies for their organizations can use these as starting points. General-purpose recommendations for online conduct and rules for specific social networking services are included.


CSU Best Practices in Social Media

This policy includes general guidelines for respectful, punctual and effective use of social-networking tools while representing the University.

Recommendations include:

. Be authentic in your postings.

. Exercise common sense in any online activity realizing that anyone can access and view what you have posted.

. Evaluate the accuracy and truth of your posting before making it public.

. If you find out something you've posted is untrue after you post it, retract and correct it as quickly as possible.


CSU Facebook Best Practices

These guidelines are intended to help Facebook users who represent the University conduct their online activities in a successful, productive and legal manner.

CSU Twitter Best Practices

These guidelines cover rules for creating a profile user name, avatar/background images, engaging with followers, maintaining accounts and profile promotion. Twitter's unique vocabulary is also defined.

We're always on the lookout for more social media policies and guidelines to make life easier for IT decision-makers. We know that companies, academic institutions and other organizations often struggle to cope with the constant influx of new ways to connect and look to keep those connections productive. Let us know if there's a social networking policy angle we're not covering.


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Jun 19, 2010 12:48 PM Omar Alam Omar Alam  says:

Always cool to see a university publish social media best practices rather than trying to eliminate it and restrict it's usage with staff and/or students on campus networks.

Much better than SOME places and countries I won't name that do the opposite.


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