CEOs Face Decisions to Rehire or Not

Patrick Avery

IT Business Edge editor Ann All, in a recent blog post, asks the important question, "how many lost jobs will come back?" As a result of the economic downturn, IT companies have laid off hundreds of thousands of employees. In the past, a downturn was followed by productivity increases and efficiency gains. But it seems like the rules have been rewritten this time and no one knows for sure what to expect, All says.


Some CEOs have said they have no intentions to hire in the short term. Thomson Reuters' Thomas Glocer says some jobs have been replaced for good, by automation or by sending them to countries with lower labor costs. All says, "we've long been told that's a good thing because the replacement or movement of low-skill jobs means American workers will get more strategic, higher-paying jobs. But are there enough of those kinds of jobs to go around and is our educational system turning out enough people qualified to do them?"


There are lots of decisions to be made regarding staffing as the economic situation plays out over the next few years. The Knowledge Network has several documents that might help make those decisions a little easier.


Check out these tools.


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IT Salary Worksheet

New Hire Business Case Template

Framework for Setting IT Salaries

Redefining Job Roles Research Note

New Employee Cost Calculator

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