Calculators Determine Costs, Estimate Potential Savings, Demonstrate ROI

John Storts

The Knowledge Network and our partners have contributed a wealth of calculators to help you determine costs, eliminate unnecessary spending and stop failing projects before they consume additional resources. Return on investment, or ROI, is always critical for business profitability, but it's particularly important in times of recession.


Among its many valuable contributions, Info-Tech Research Group has provided three useful calculators to help you when evaluating project performance, considering training programs and weighing the costs and benefits of implementing a document-management process:


ROI Calculator Tools


The zip file contains a worksheet for gathering the data (using your TCO numbers, benefit calculations and project plan) you will need to input into the calculator. Use this TCO calculator from Uptime Institute to figure your total cost of ownership.


The calculator separates the costs into different categories such as applications, hardware, staffing, etc., and the benefits into categories such as increased revenue, inventory reduction, etc. The calculated data will reveal total benefits, a yearly net benefit, a cumulative benefit and a three-year ROI.


ROI Calculator for Corporate Training


This tool consists of two worksheets to aid IT decision-makers. The first is used to outline the cost of the training initiative and the potential areas of benefit.


The second worksheet ("Training ROI") uses the information from the first worksheet to calculate ROI. Although it requires a best-guess estimate of future benefit, this tool will help you quantify the potential ROI for corporate training.


ROI Guide for Document Management


Use this guide to develop an overview of the costs and benefits of implementing a document-management process for your organization. The ROI estimate includes factors such as current document costs, cost of implementation and sensitivity analysis. Certain intangible benefits (improved workflow efficiency, enhanced data security, environmental stewardship) are not reflected, but should be considered in the evaluation process.


These are just a few of the ROI-related tools available on the Knowledge Network. Put them to work for you.

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Great resource! There is also a need for creating one of a kind ROI calculators on an individual company basis, depending on the situation.

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