Calculate How 'Agile' Your Team Really Is


With constant pressures to launch new products and services with limited resources, the need for your IT staff to tackle numerous projects, often simultaneously, has never been greater.


But how do you quantify an attribute like "agility," either in evaluating your staff or your own path for professional development?


The Info~Tech Group's Workforce Agility Calculator, which you can find in our IT Downloads library, gives you a framework for rating staff members' agility in 13 different attributes, such as:


  • Ability to work in situations where goals are not clear
  • Willingness to multi-task
  • Diversity of skill set




As you can see in the figure above, you simply rate your employees on a scale of 1-5 in each of the skills categories. It's interesting to note that the tool distinguishes between the ability to tackle some workplace challenges and the willingness to do so.


Once you've compiled your rankings for all your employees, the tool provides a visual representation of how your team stacks up. An aggregate score of 50 is considered a minimum baseline for staff agility.



Be sure to also check out Info~Tech's research note about the importance of developing an agile work force, which you can also find here in the IT Downloads library.

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