Business Continuity: What Did We Learn from the Swine Flu?

Patrick Avery

The flu pandemic earlier this year caused businesses to break out their business continuity plans -- if they had them -- and either use them or update them. IT Business Edge contributor Paul Mah is revisiting that time period three months ago and writing about the lessons learned from a small business perspective. The first, he argues, is the need for and importance of open communication.


"One possible way to open communications is to establish a temporary site for all pandemic-related updates or feedback. A link can be embedded to this site from the main page in the company intranet, or it can simply be set as the default page that gets loaded on all computers when they are fired up in the morning."


Keep an eye on Paul's blog this week for more lessons learned, and check out some business continuity documents in the Knowledge Network.


Abilene Christian University's Technology Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan is a detailed outline to deal with any kind unforeseen circumstance.


The National Institute of Standards and Technology uploaded a Contingency Planning Guide for IT Systems, which provides instructions, recommendations and considerations for government IT contingency planning.


Finally, if you've got money in your budget, you might consider hiring a Disaster Recovery Administrator to ensure the security and integrity of data, data systems and data networks across the entire organization, particularly in a crisis situation. The document in the Knowledge Network serves as a job template for that position.

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Aug 12, 2009 8:49 AM Jeannie McPherson Jeannie McPherson  says:

Video Conferencing Helps Maintain Business Continuity During Swine Flu Outbreaks


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