Book Suggestions for CEOs, IT Leaders

Patrick Avery

IT Business Edge contributor Rob Enderle seems to be in the holiday spirit already as his latest blog post delves into gift suggestions for aspiring CEOs. His three recomendations are as follows:


The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

This book by executive coach Carmine Gallo talks about how Jobs was able to create iconic products like the iPhone and iPod. The key lessons from each section of the book are highlighted and summarized at the end so you can use it as a refresher. "While this won't make anyone into Steve Jobs, it does help prioritize things, and it points out that taking the time to do a presentation right can pay huge dividends," Enderle says.


True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society

Using political references from history, author Farhad Manjoo showcases how little we depend on facts to make critical decisions and how easily we are misled. "This book not only teaches how to avoid being misled, it points to the importance of the message and how the message can generally be more powerful than the product," Enderle says.


In Search of Stupidity: 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters

Author Merrill R. Chapman's book is full of examples that can be used in meetings when some MBA starts spouting off about his or her great marketing idea, Enderle says. Many of the examples are relatively old, but can be applied to current thinking -- intentionally crippling products to protect markets, failing to own your brand or product identity, responding inappropriately to threats or simply not thinking.


The Knowledge Network is also full of potential gift ideas. Dozens of book excerpts are housed there. And if you like what you read, it might be worth getting the entire book for yourself or for someone you work with.


Here are some of the more popular book excerpts.


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