Avoid Communication Breakdown: Have a Plan When You Deploy Windows 7

John Storts

Planning on migrating to Windows 7 in the near future? Then you'll want to have a game plan in place to make sure you communicate clearly, punctually and consistently with all involved personnel. Check out the Windows 7 Deployment Communication Plan in the Knowledge Network. It helps you track communication events, targets (like management and other resource keepers), and frequency (how often you update the key players).

But I'm still on the fence about this move, you say. What about me?


Maybe you're considering a move and just looking for a list that highlights the major features of the latest-and-possibly-greatest Windows OS. We have you covered there, too - with some help from our partners at Toolkit Cafe.


But, what if you are on the fence after hearing rumors of security problems? Maybe this slideshow will sway you by assuaging your fears. If not, maybe some of our in-depth IT Business Edge coverage can help. Patrick Avery thinks Windows 7 looks like a homerun, Rob Enderle points to the benefits being reaped by companies who have already upgraded and Ann All looks a few moves ahead to ponder the future of "traditional" operating systems.


Whether pondering the upgrade or keeping an eye on the cloud (or both), IT Business Edge and the Knowledge Network are here to help you. Contribute your expertise as well as letting us know what you need to make informed IT choices for your business.

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