As with Purchasing, Disposing of Hardware Requires Diligence

John Storts
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Mistakes in IT Portfolio Management

Four common mistakes businesses make in their IT portfolio management.

To make sure that business needs are met, budgets are adhered to and opportunities for cost savings are exhausted, you spend a good deal of time when deliberating on the purchase of new hardware for your organization. But that doesn't mean that you should give short shrift to how your business deals with hardware disposition.


Info-Tech Research Group's Hardware Asset Disposition Policy template helps you establish and define standards, restrictions and procedures for the legal, environmentally responsible and cost-effective disposition of non-leased IT equipment. You can apply this policy to surplus or obsolete IT assets and resources, such as desktop computers, servers, printers, routers and other hardware beyond reasonable repair or reuse. It also encourages taking advantage of any residual value through reselling, donating, auctioning or other means.


Improperly retiring assets puts your business at risk for fines, lawsuits and even brand damage. Lessen these risks by creating a hardware retirement strategy that clearly presents disposition standards.


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