Are You Ready for Big Data Projects?


Less than a quarter of large organizations described their master data management projects as being successful in a recent survey.

A key shortcoming? Some businesses, even full-blown enterprises, simply are not very good at data integration. Obviously, tackling an initiative as ambitious as MDM is going to fail in such an environment. (Our Loraine Lawson discusses the survey and its key findings in her blog).


So how do you evaluate your organization's data inventory readiness for the ambitious data projects such as MDM, business intelligence and large-scale partner integrations?

The Take Stock of Existing Data Inventory Tool , from our partners at Info~Tech Research Group, asks you 20 important questions about the current state of your data environment, and gives you action recommendations based on your input. The tool is available for free here in our IT Downloads library.

The five key areas for evaluation are:

  • Current Integrations
  • Current Skills
  • Current Toolset
  • Project Preparation
  • Plans in the Next Year

The tool asks you to rate the accuracy of statements on a scale of 1-5, as you can see below:



The statements tend to reflect a data inventory environment that's in need of improvement. Examples of statements you'll be asked to evaluate are:


  • Our developers use many different ways of implementing integrations and don't follow a standard.
  • We have poor standardization on integration tools.
  • Every time we change a source system we have to re-do the code.

Based on your feedback, the tool gives you an urgency ranking and advice on how to proceed, as you can see below.


For example, if you rate the statement "Our developers use many different ways of implementing integrations and don't follow a standard" as being very accurate, you'll (not surprisingly) be told that this area of your data inventory culture must be addressed, and be advised:

People do what they are most comfortable with if there is no accountability to do otherwise. Create standards for developing integrations, including what tools to use, what approaches are best and rules of mapping. Not doing so creates more rework and therefore lost productivity.

In addition to getting a quick rating of your data inventory status with this tool, you may also want to check out the book excerpt "Nuts & Bolts: The Mechanics of Data Governance," also available here in the IT Downloads library. The book chapter, from Baseline Consulting experts Kimberly Nevala and Stephen Putman, outlines the basic challenges of developing a culture of data quality and integration standards in your organization.

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