Apple's iPod touch Handy for Business Use, Too

John Storts
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iPad apps that are especially useful for workers on the go.

Although most of the attention goes to the iPhone and iPad when it comes to business usage, Apple's iPod touch deserves mentioning, as it boasts most of the same features as its higher-priced siblings.


The iPod touch supports the same OS (iOS 5), multi-touch-driven interface and apps ecosystem as its brethren. It hosts FaceTime meetings; with some effort and some software/hardware additions, there are ways to make the device place calls. Straight out of the box, the iPod includes the Safari browser, Calendar, Mail, Reminders for to-do lists, Contacts and Notes for email-synced note-taking.


If your business contemplates using iPods as a PDA and Web-enabled tool for work, or if you've already ponied up the money to employ them but need to train workers first, CustomGuide's quick reference guide provides all the details to make mobile workers adept at using the device.


From videoconferencing to iCloud doc sharing to network management (like Bjango's iStat) on the go, don't overlook the value and capabilities of the iPod touch - especially for half the price of an iPad.

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