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Among the more irresistible Internet time-wasters are online polls that offer you some kind of "insight" to your personality. I'd be hard-pressed to suggest that you take a survey that tells you which of The Monkees you are most like, but a new poll at did catch my eye this morning.

The poll, provided by, promises to provide managers with a gauge of their "emotional intelligence." It's part of a content package from dedicated to "managing up" and career advancement -- something you don't see all that often anymore, and a sure sign that at least for now, tech execs feel fairly confident in their job security.

I thought it would be interesting to have our CTO and CFO take the quick eight-answer poll, and compare their results. Just for laughs -- and as sort of a ludicrous "control," if you will -- I also completed the survey. In IT terminology, I would be best described as an annoying line of business stakeholder who hassles IT about system requirements.

I also used to write a personnel management column for TechRepublic, so I can say with some credibility that my own score of 60 out of 75 possible points, which falls into the "perfect boss" results range, is just plain silly. First, there is no such thing as a perfect boss. Secondly, if there is such a person, it certainly is not me -- I can present a gallery of willing witnesses to attest.

Anyway, our CTO scored a 50 on the quiz, which he labeled a "crap poll," an assessment with which I largely concur. Most of the questions have ludicrous options for answers, like telling a rude internal client to walk off a pier or just ignoring an overheard racial slur. We're not talking shades of gray here, at least for lucid managers.

Our CFO scored 55. We agreed that at least one of the "right" answers on the poll (spoiler alert), that a team-building offsite is the best answer to a tricky software bug issue, is plain goofy.

All in all, both of their answers made perfect sense to me. Tech types tend to be highly analytical, so a test that measures their "emotional intelligence" is skewed against them in the first place. Of course, the same can be said of most CFOs, and for that matter any C-level exec outside of marketing or HR.

At any rate, the poll is an interesting time-killer and might make for an interesting conversation-starter with your own boss.

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