Mac Feels Vindicated from Third-Party Hack


There's some indignant Web buzz this morning from the Mac camp over news that a much-publicized Wi-Fi hack demonstrated on an Apple notebook was, in fact, run against a vulnerability in a third-party wireless card, not Apple's OEM configuration.


Which, of course, is no news at all.


Credible media sources (we cited an Associated Press story running at The Mercury News at the time) clearly reported that the demonstrators at the Black Hat security conference disclaimed they were using a third-party card, and that machines from numerous vendors might be at risk to the vulnerability they were demonstrating.


But the news was swept up into the evangelical fury that is Mac vs. PC, and now the grumbling has gotten so loud that SecureWorks Inc., the security firm where at least one of the demo authors works, has posted a clarification stating that the demo was not a Mac hack, but simply a demonstration of a general wireless vulnerability.


Mac has issued a statement that it feels vindicated -- from what, we don't know exactly, but vindicated nonetheless.

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