Gates, Apple and Consumer Coolness: It's No Lie


Web sites continue to buzz this morning over an interview Bill Gates gave to Newsweek in which, among several other seemingly blunt comments, he described Apple's ads claiming that most PCs will require "major surgery" to run Windows Vista as, well, lying.


The interview immediately began grabbing attention; analyst Rob Enderle, who is going to begin blogging with us later this month, e-mailed me about it Friday.


Gates never actually comes out and says that Vista isn't a hardware hog, since it's fairly well-established that it is. He simply notes that Apple doesn't have any room to talk on that front. I'd add that a PC maker that insists on coupling monitors and CPUs does seem to be in a precarious spot to be giving lectures.


Still, it's clear that Apple is a thorn in Gates' multi-billion-dollar paw painful enough to elicit some pointed comments, like calling Steve Jobs' marketers "lying persons." This morning, amidst early reports of Apple's new Leopard OS, the company has also warned its iTunes users that they should hold off on upgrading to Vista due to possible incompatibilities, a claim which, of course, Microsoft broadly dismisses in this Los Angeles Times article.


If you need proof that Apple's indelible coolness in the consumer market will continue to vex Microsoft, just check out the last question in the Newsweek interview, in which Gates is asked whether Redmond will need to rethink its entire Zune approach to portable media given the emergence of the iPhone -- which isn't even on the market yet.

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Feb 9, 2007 8:21 AM Jim Winski Jim Winski  says:
Adding Rob Enderle as a contributor?!?!?  Well, there goes the neighborhood. Enderle, the President and CEO of Enderle Consulting (he and his wife are the only 2 that work there) is the absolute worst at his job. I can count the number of times that Rob has been right on industry perspective on one finger. Reply

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