Bloggers: Another Vista Delay Likely


News of major reshuffling in the Windows Vista team management is adding fuel to speculation that Microsoft's latest operating system will slip past yet another promised delivery date.


Brian Valentine, who some describe as a Patton-like figure in the Windows team, is moving to an as-yet undetermined role inside Microsoft following the eventual Vista launch. Many other OS execs are moving to other departments, and it looks as if the new Windows leadership will come from the Office ranks.


Microsoft's shares fell last week when an exec publicly announced that Vista will launch "when it's ready," and bloggers and columnists are lining up to cast doubt on the early 2007 timeline Microsoft is still gunning for.


A smart posting by .NET developer Robert McLaw has set off a flurry of speculation that Vista may not be ready to ship until March 2007, at the earliest. McLaw's dubbed his test drive of Vista Beta 2 a "disappointment," saying there's no way it's stable enough to be followed by an actual release candidate -- a critical step in launching a platform.


Blogger Robert Scoble says that if Vista does hit the market as predicted, he'll recommend waiting for the first service pack before any upgrade. (Scoble goes so far as to evoke the dreaded name of Windows ME, the archetype of rushed releases.) Among his issues: Vista is just plain-old slow, he says, unless it is running on a super-fast machine.

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