Will Resume Padding Bite Yahoo's Thompson?

Susan Hall

How much more turmoil can Yahoo take?


After the departures of Jerry Yang and Carol Bartz, new CEO Scott Thompson has made a name for himself by laying off 2,000 people and instituting massive structural changes, while at the same time trying to stave off a proxy fight. Now comes word that Yahoo's board will review a revelation that Thompson really doesn't have a computer science degree, All Things Digital reports.


That could be a problem because its report to the Securities and Exchange Commission states that he has degrees in computer science and accounting from Stone Hill College near Boston. His degree is in business administration.


Yahoo originally called it "an inadvertent error," though he used the same bio at PayPal, Business Insider notes, and All Things D has dragged up a 2009 audio interview in which Thompson doesn't correct the mistake and also calls himself an engineer. At PayPal, though, the CS degree was not listed in SEC filings, yet the Yahoo folks didn't pick up on the discrepancy.


Brought to light by dissident investor Dan Loeb, the revelation only fuels critics such as Forbes' contributor Eric Jackson, who calls board members "clueless boobs." Loeb has called into question the vetting of Thompson for the position and certainly puts the board in a tight spot.


It's a classic warning for job seekers about padding their resumes. Everyone would like to look more qualified, but more than likely the truth will come out and it's likely to end badly for you. Even if Thompson is retained in this job, he already has lost a lot of credibility at a time he needs it desperately.

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