Three New Takes on the Job Website

Susan Hall

Yesterday I mentioned the latest Web statistics from comScore show career services and development were a hot topic in January, with 80.2 million people logging on to those sites.


It seems more career sites pop up every day with more people trying to figure out how to cash in on this interest. I've run across three new sites recently that are worth a look.


The founders of the former video hiring site HireHive have become recruiters at a new site, Hackruiter. Its claim to fame: Founders Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock and David Albert are engineers. They say there's no better way to hire engineers than by other engineers. They're focusing on startups that don't have the resources to do the kind of recruiting campaigns that the big players do. TechCrunch quotes Bergson-Shilcoc saying:

We are hackers ourselves, so when we talk to people, they're not just a bunch of buzzwords or key words. We can actually do an intelligent [job] match.

Jibe, which calls itself a "next generation job board," connects job listings with your LinkedIn or Facebook network. The Huffington Post explains:

You yourself may not realize that an old friend from high school is working at the Fortune 500 company you want to join, but using your online network, Jibe surfaces the connection. "Jibe connects job seekers to people they know at the companies they want to work at," Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld said.

Stack Overflow, a Q&A site popular among programmers, has launched the site Careers 2.0, where programmers can strut their stuff for employers by posting code samples. Employers pay a subscription of $500 a week or $5,000 a year. It's invitation-only for job hunters, reports Business Insider, which says:

Once you're in, you can link to any answers you've posted to programming questions on Stack Overflow, which lets you prove that you actually know C++.

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