Sunny Forecast for Tech Jobs

Susan Hall
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10 Tech Skills that Are Heading the Way of the Dinosaur

It was pretty obvious from the slideshow at of 20 companies with at least 200 openings each: Tech jobs aren't just at tech companies anymore.


All the featured companies - from Sears, Pepsi, MetLife to DuPont, Lowe's and others - have open positions in IT. While reading a FINS story on the growth of IT jobs outside of IT companies, I also saw IT job ads on the site for Boeing, Walt Disney Resorts and more.


The story reports that the number of tech jobs is expected to grow faster than jobs in the overall economy:

In the decade ending in 2018, the number of jobs in core tech occupations will increase by 19.9%, 784,300 jobs in all, according to a analysis of projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
In comparison, the BLS predicted the total number of U.S. jobs to grow by 10% in that period and the size of the labor force - the number of workers both employed and unemployed - by 8.2%.

Among the particularly hot careers mentioned: software engineer, computer scientist and network systems analyst. I found it interesting that at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, consulting companies hire more graduates than any other industry.


Meanwhile, it's no surprise that demand is projected to decline for tech skills that can be automated and that low-end skills are expected to be outsourced. Jobs for hardware engineers are expected to grow only slightly, while a 2.9 percent decrease is expected for programmers and a decline of nearly a third for "people expert in semiconductor processes," the story says.


And since David Foote of analyst firm Foote Partners contends that BLS statistics fail to capture the true depth to which tech jobs have infiltrated business, the outlook for tech jobs could be even brighter.

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