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Susan Hall
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We've all heard the advice to focus your resume on the employer's specific issues. It takes some research to find out whether the pain point is ERP or integration of legacy apps or something else, but hiring managers want to feel confident that you can help solve the problems at hand.


When I interviewed Intuit recruiting director Chris Galy, he told me:

This is something any job seeker should address. You have to really know the business and the business outcomes that a company is driving for to really separate yourself. You have to show, "How can I add value?"

He also told me:

You really have to understand the job description. They're telling you what their needs are in that job description. The things that are most important to them are the things they put up first, those are the largest gaps.

But among all the other problems both job candidates and recruiters have with applying online, so many sites require a "fill-in-the-boxes" resume with no opportunity to, say, pair the training you've taken with this job and otherwise move things around or customize it as needed.


Software pro Pierce Wetter takes on that problem with a solution he calls resume "aiming." He says it can stand in stead of a cover letter. He cuts and pastes the job description, then addresses the points individually with a plus or minus sign to designate that he fills the bill or not. It's an incredibly long piece that goes in great detail (I wouldn't call brevity his strong suit.) But it's an interesting idea. And he is brief and direct in his example, which has to win him points.


I'd love to hear what recruiters think of this or about other tips to make applying online work better for all involved.

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