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In The Washington Post's section on management in government, The Federal Coach, Tom Fox of the Partnership for Public Service lists his top 10 books for federal leaders.


They include "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us," by Daniel Pink, whom he had interviewed earlier. Pink gave some interesting ideas about giving workers more autonomy, something buttoned-up government agencies could learn from.


My frustration with Fox's list, however, is that there are no links from the book titles to sites with more information about them. It's basically just a list. Our Knowledge Network here at IT Business Edge, meanwhile, carries not only a wealth of useful advice, templates and checklists for IT professionals, but also book excerpts. They're usually a full chapter, so you can determine whether to seek out the full tome. Among the titles we've published this year:


  • "8 Things We Hate About IT" by Susan Cramm. Although it seems ludicrous to imagine a meeting with an investment broker that doesn't include a discussion of realized returns, this happens every day in IT prioritization meetings. This is Chapter 4, "You Need Funding, and IT Needs Returns."
  • "Mastering the Unpredictable" by Keith D. Swenson. Featuring contributions by several business process management experts, it covers the problems associated with managing unstructured business processes and discusses how adaptive case management can help solve them.
  • "How to Get Fired!" by former high-school English teacher and stand-up comedian Jeff Havens. I'd probably have no trouble in that regard, but Havens' advice is meant to help you actually stay employed. This excerpt comes from the first section, entitled "Fake Your Resume."


There's also a plethora of excerpts on doing any IT-related task better, including cloud management, SOA, Six Sigma and a whole raft of titles from the

"Dummies" series. It's free advice to bolster your career. Taking advantage of it would be a smart move.

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