On SharePoint and Gaining New Skills

Susan Hall

A reader identified only as "L" just commented on fellow blogger Ann All's post about SharePoint vs. Lotus Notes, reiterating the need for IT pros to stay current with technology.


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"L" wrote:

I worked with Notes for many many years ... and [was] forced to switch to SP since 2007. I can say that SP has many 'good things' to offer, specially from the UI (for end users).
However MS really need[s] to work on the development time. The development platform in Sharepoint is hideous. Every single development step/fix takes days/weeks and it never seems to end. Not to mention the multiple combination of software, 3rd party tools and time it requires to build a simple app.

Yet, SharePoint remains one of the most sought-after skills in IT. I just found 3,053 job listings on Dice.com mentioning SharePoint skills and just 418 mentioning Lotus Notes, including those looking for someone to migrate systems from Lotus Notes to SharePoint. Reader "L" also mentioned Domino, and I found just 117 listings for that.


Blogger Nadir Kamdar writes that because of the shortage of people skilled in SharePoint, companies tend to move ASP.NET developers over to work on SharePoint, but the transition is difficult. He writes:

... deploying SharePoint solutions is more focused on planning, installing and configuring, with less emphases on developing. ... Custom development in SharePoint is regarded as the last resort, while an ASP.NET developer sees this as the first option, placing them in a situation they are not comfortable with right from the start.

(In comments, he concedes that if you're spending too much time customizing SharePoint, it's probably not the solution for you.) In a separate post, Kamdar writes that there is no such thing as an "all-in-one" SharePoint guru, so companies need to go to a Plan B, which he proposes.


So back to reader "L" and what this means for the IT pro:

... we can't really solve much by complaining ... new technology (SharePoint) is here to stay ... whether we like it or not, and it's a chance to learn new things and of course pay the bills! At the end of the day ... your resume will be very attractive.

And for those looking to add skills in SharePoint, I found some free seminars offered by the organization Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals. The first one is Monday in Las Vegas, with others scheduled in Washington, D.C., Orlando, Fla., and Dallas.

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