Offering Telecommuting Can Pay in Many Ways

Susan Hall
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Telecommuting's Powerful Benefits

While it may not be for everyone, the future of telework appears bright.

As companies offer ever more perks in hiring and double-down in their retention efforts, one fairly simple perk seems to be overlooked: telecommuting.


We've written a lot about that topic here at IT Business Edge. Most recently blogger Rob Enderle wrote about the prospect of retiring in Panama, from Panama.


But according to, less than 1 percent of jobs on the site mention the option of telecommuting, while more than one-third of technology professionals said they'd take a pay cut of up to 10 percent if they could telecommute full time. That's an average sacrifice of $7,800 to be able to work from home. We know salaries have been pretty flat for the past couple of years, so that's saying something.


According to a new survey by Skype across businesses in general:

  • 62 percent of companies said they allow workers to work remotely.
  • 71 percent said doing so helps them attract potential employees.
  • 67 percent said it helps with retention.


In addition, as the Dice piece points out, remote work can help IT departments add those hard-to-find skill sets if physical presence is not essential.


Perhaps companies merely fail to mention telecommuting in writing their job descriptions. We can offer help with that in our new IT Downloads center, formerly known as the Knowledge Network. You'll also find tools there to help you implement telecommuting at your workplace.

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