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A new version of Ruby on Rails is out. Creator David Heinemeier Hansson describes version 3.2 as "a ton and a half faster" in development mode because it only reloads classes that have changed, rather than all of them. It also has a new routing engine, Journey, and faster generation of links in pages, reports. It's the first version to have a tagged logger.


At least 226,000 websites use Ruby on Rails, according the Australian BuiltWith Trends Pro analysis service, though its popularity has been eclipsed with the rise of JavaScript. Open source software vendor OpenLogic puts Ruby projects in fifth place in its most recent report of trends, after HBase, Node.js, nginx and Hadoop.

Back in November, I wrote about Pikimal, an online shopping service, which has hired smart, motivated non-tech people and nurtured them as they come up to speed on Ruby. And if that's not your company's modus operandi, I came across this post on 10 sites where you can learn Ruby for free, proving once again that gaining new skills doesn't have to be expensive. It's not clear whether these sites will use the latest version, though. The article is written by Elisha Tan, founder of Learnemy, a site that helps people find training on all sorts of things. She's also written about 10 free sites for learning Python and five for learning Objective-C, the language of iPhones and iPads and the fastest-growing language, according to the TIOBE Programming Community Index for January.

Indeed, there's a boom in sites offering coding lessons, The New York Times reports. One I found especially compelling was Rails for Zombies, certainly a popular theme at my house.

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