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Five questions you should ask before accepting your next IT job.

Beyond the cool factor, the pre-IPO stock and all that, there's a reason that Facebook is attracting so much top tech talent: cold, hard cash. According to Glassdoor.com Facebook has the top average base salary for software engineers ($110,500) and still tops rival Google once bonuses are figured in, reports Business Insider. It shows that Cisco, Yahoo and Apple have average base salaries higher than Google's ($98,814), but figure in bonuses, and Google's engineer takes home $120,178 to Facebook's $122,400.


Meanwhile, the retention stories out of Google grow ever more fantastic. All Things Digital's Liz Gannes reports that one software engineer accepted $6 million in stock to stay, clearly topping the tale of the guy who stayed on for $3.5 million in stock.


Beyond no longer being the coolest place to work, Gannes suggests says that Google must do better at fostering employees' entrepreneurial inclinations and that upper management must show that it "gets" social media. She writes:

Part of why Google needs to "get social" so badly isn't just on a product or market level, but to impress its own employees. At a place where the top management is firmly ensconced and immutable, younger employees, especially, say they are turned off by their bosses' lack of social media savviness on a personal level. It's clear that tomorrow's tech leaders are already blogging, Tweeting and Facebooking, so why are today's leaders still resisting?

In the comments, not everyone bought into Gannes' position, but wrote a reader called App Hacker:

It's just not possible for any company to compete with a Facebook offer right now. It's a unique situation and it will not last forever. Except for high-risk startups, there's no other company as lucrative as Facebook. They make up 1 out of every 4 page views in the US. They're pre-IPO. They're at the top.

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