Clouds Are Gathering: Be Prepared

Susan Hall
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Five IT Career Skills on the Upswing

Five IT skills getting attention from recruiters.

Though everyone has been trying to figure out what the essential skills are for cloud computing, as I wrote last year, one of the surest ways to gain those skills is to volunteer for any projects going on in your company.


In the fourth part of a series on cloud computing at, writer Don Jones offers this useful advice: Don't be caught flat-footed.


He says to assume that your organization will push something out to the cloud, whether it actually makes sense or not. The cost structure will just seem too compelling for some managers. The trick is to get ahead of this impulse. He writes:

Money will always be the first driver in a cloud adoption, so if you think the cloud is a bad call for your organization, know the money answers. Know what IT costs and why, so that you can help promote a real apples-to-apples comparison.

Then make yourself indispensable. He gives this example:

Your company decides to go with Office 365 for email and much of its SharePoint-based collaboration. Does that put you, the Exchange or SharePoint admin, out of a job? Possibly. But O365 still has management requirements. Someone has to create mailboxes and manage the service, which actually requires an unexpected amount of PowerShell command expertise.

Jones wrote in a previous post that in a survey he conducted in which he got nearly 600 responses, 80 percent said all IT pros need PowerShell skills. It's possible that his readership is self-selected to think that way, but it's certainly something to think about.


At Forbes, Joe McKendrick writes that estimates of the cloud market vary widely, but you know it's coming. He previously wrote about how IT jobs will be changed. But Jones's advice is sound: Don't let it catch you by surprise.

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