Augmented Reality and Other Up-and-Coming Skills

Susan Hall
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Twelve Points to Leave Off Your Resume

Some of the IT jobs on the horizon have been pretty visible for quite some time, so some of the titles discussed at Computerworld seem a bit ho-hum.


  • Director of cloud transformation: Yep, the cloud's big. Somebody's gotta manage it. Somebody's gotta see the big picture. We knew that.
  • Socialite: Yep, social media's big. Gotta manage it. Yada, yada, yada.
  • Data scientist: Ditto.


The article, however, does get into some less-obvious new titles, such as:


AR focuses on superimposing information on a still or moving image. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Think of the impact on consumers and retailers if a shopper can focus on a car, a can of peas or a widescreen television and see the price of the same item at dealerships, groceries or electronics outlets in a 10-mile radius of where he or she is shopping.

Required skills, according to Computerworld: programming experience in HTML5 and the iOS and Android platforms, as well as graphics expertise, specifically 3D modeling skills that include texturing, shading and rendering. Plus a particular mindset. An "open, flexible mind."


  • Chief agile officer: As companies adopt the iterative method, they're looking for leaders who can lead the transformation. IT Business Edge offers a wealth of resources on agile development, including book excerpts and research.
  • Machine-to-machine communications enabler: This technology is in the early stages, the article says. Carl's' been writing that it's growing rapidly. And as it grows, so will the need for people to develop, deploy and manage the technology.
  • Outsourcing/offshoring manager: The article talks about managing four or five projects that might not all be in the same place. But with so many managed services, work might not be offshore. In that case it's an array of vendor management, "herding cats" so to speak. I've previously quoted Drew Garner, director of architecture services for Concur Technologies, saying of his company's move to a hosted private cloud:
One of the product managers working for me has had to come up to speed with researching contracts, mostly from data center providers. Especially from an SLA standpoint, people have had to become mini lawyers.

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