What Is Being Said About Virtualization?

Kachina Shaw

I've been reading a lot about various virtualization news this week, because there's a lot to keep up with.


And what does Microsoft say?


Viridian, its virtualization hypervisor project, was delayed recently to a late 2007 release, with Windows Server (Longhorn) instead of early in the year. Viridian will also arrive sans several features: live migration and hot-adding of resources. Support will also be capped at 16 cores, says internetnews.com.


Perhaps most server virtualization implementations don't begin to incorporate hot resource reallocation from day one, but still, VMware offered live migration four years ago. Xen supports it on certain Linux systems and is adding the feature for all Linux systems and for Windows in its next release.


There's really no good news here for Microsoft. It's painful to read that the Viridian project leader was reduced to listing shipping as a feature. Maybe at Microsoft, it is.


Analysts may suggest that it's time for Microsoft to throw in the dev towel and partner up with either VMware or Xen, but it's difficult to see why either company would consider it; there's bad blood in the not-too-distant past, they've both got "hand," and clearly they're not losing it any time soon. There's a reason that Xen, VMware and Virtual Iron snipe at each other more than at Redmond -- and it's not that they're scared.

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May 13, 2007 1:14 AM Avery Avery  says:
what exactly is virtualization? im not really understanding this whole concept! Reply

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