Symantec Finds that Microsoft Is Doing Security Right. Really.

Kachina Shaw

Haven't seen much of this lately, so it seems worthy of comment. Microsoft is getting some credit for its security. Having that big target on its back has lit a fire under the company (sorry to mix metaphors), apparently. Surprise, surprise -- security firm Symantec is the source of the good news. Its latest Internet Security Threat Report found that, in the last half of 2006, Windows had fewer patches than four other "major" operating systems -- and took less dev time to prepare and distribute those patches.


To be sure, the scary part of this group of stats is that, across the board, all the OSs did a lot worse in the second half of the year than in the first, but Microsoft was the best of the worst, and I guess that's a win this time around.


Symantec has had other relatively positive things to say recently about improvements in Windows Vista security, too, but is still sounding the horn, as it has all along, that legacy vulnerabilities abound.


Also, researchers at SANS say that security pros are as likely to choose IE as Firefox -- huge, really, since Firefox's gains have only taken it to about 14 percent marketshare so far. And those same security pros are more likely than the general public to use IE7. I'm sure they know something I don't -- maybe I should switch back from Firefox.

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