Google New Undo Send Can Save You

Ralph DeFrangesco

Last week, Gmail released a new feature called "Undo Send." Here is the scenario: You type up a nasty e-mail with a few expletives in it. In your haste, you click on "Mom" from your contact list, when you meant to choose "Monty." You click send and quickly realize you sent it to the wrong person. Not a problem. Simply click on "Undo Send." The feature is designed to give you up to 5 seconds to change your mind. I tried out the feature and it worked just fine. Besides, my mother does not have an e-mail account.


You can download the e-mail option by clicking on the Google Labs option, then under "Undo Send," click Enable. You won't see the option until you compose an e-mail and then send it. You will see "Undo" for roughly 5 seconds.


I blogged about this topic in the past, and listed some solutions that individuals and companies could take in order to avoid this problem. Remember, we cannot depend on technology alone to solve all of our problems.

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