Adobe Addresses Vulnerabilities

Ralph DeFrangesco

In a recent press release, Adobe Systems said it has decided to address its vulnerability issues by releasing quarterly patches as well as analyzing its current code for bugs. According to an Adobe spokesperson, it will release patches to its products every three months, on the second Tuesday of the month. That just happens to be the same day that Microsoft releases its patches. I guess we will have to rename Microsoft Tuesday to Microsoft-Adobe Tuesday (just kidding, I wouldn't do that to Adobe).


Adobe understands that no product is going to be completely bug-free. This is an attempt by Adobe to create a more predictable release schedule as well as to harden the code in its current product line.


In an earlier post, I said that I have replaced most of the Adobe products that I am using. In that post I listed the tools that I currently use and recommend to my clients. I have to commend Adobe for taking such aggressive steps. The company has my attention now. Let's see how it approaches this and if it really does improve its products. It just might be a model for other companies to follow.

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