A Few of My Favorite Security Research Sites

Ralph DeFrangesco

I cover a lot of security topics in this blog. In order to stay on top of issues that change very quickly, I read a tremendous amount of information. I thought that it would be beneficial to share some of my favorite sites; in other words, misery loves company.


I don't trust the commercial sites like CNN or MSNBC, etc. for security news. I find that these news agencies tend to sensationalize events to draw people to their sites even if they don't get all the facts straight. So for security news, I read the following sites on a regular (daily) basis:



Dark Reading

Department of Homeland Security

In order to stay up on the latest security vulnerabilities, I scan the following at least weekly:


National Vulnerability Database


OpenSource Vulnerability Database


My favorite is CERT, because I find it to be very accurate, timely, and useful.


It's easy to get caught up in all the hype about viruses, worms (like Conficker), and malware. There is just so much of it around, how do you know what to believe? I use these two sites because Symantec supports both the home user and commercial, and I support both. F-Secure has a very easy-to-use database.





Finally, I like to visit the RSA site from time to time to see what the latest commercial research on security is.


For academic research on security, I frequently download papers from IEEE and the ACM, both of which you must be a member to use.


I shared what I thought you would enjoy reading and hopefully get some benefit from, based on my experience. Please let me know what sites you use on a daily basis. I am always looking to do more reading.

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