Young Mac Fans Invading the Enterprise

Arthur Cole

Enterprises that have resisted installing Macs because, well, mixed environments are still a drag, might not be able to hold out much longer.


It seems that the rise of Apple consumer devices in the past half-decade is about to unleash an army of college graduates who prefer to live, work and play on the Apple platform. So for many of you, it may come down to the cheaper of two expenses: deploying low-cost Macs or retraining new hires in the ways of Windows.


Perhaps the biggest hassle of Macs in the enterprise is not the purchase and deployment as much as the after-care from Cupertino. The company has long had an agnostic view of business users, copping the attitude that good engineering and a strong product is its own reward. That's fine, as far as it goes, but it may not lend itself to the kind of service and support that enterprise users are accustomed to with other platforms.


Still, with Macs running on Intel chips and a robust server platform and operating system, Macs are more than up for the most demanding enterprise jobs.

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