Where Now, Virtual PC?

Arthur Cole

With all the talk about Microsoft's new Vista licenses for virtualized PCs last week, I was intrigued by this take from Redmond Magazine's Doug Barney.


The question is whether we'll need PCs with disk drives anymore. To which, I would have to admit, the answer is no.


But with that in mind, I think we can extend this line of inquiry a little bit more.


If a virtual PC is running a virtualized application on a virtualized OS with, quite probably, virtualized storage, then won't we soon be moving beyond the realm of thin clients or dumb terminals or whatever you want to call them into an environment where the PC is no more or less standardized than, say, the telephone or the chair you're sitting in?


A generic piece of hardware hooked into a centralized network where all the real action is taking place. It would certainly be cheaper, but would it be better?

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