What's up for '08

Arthur Cole

This being the end of the year, it's hard for us in the trade press not to put on our prognosticators' hats and take a crack at what's going to happen in the future, rather than simply what's going on in the present.


Just about everyone is calling for the greening of the data center to continue. And although a number of emerging technologies come into play here, the general consensus is that old standbys like turning off the lights and powering down unused equipment offer the most immediate benefits.


EDS is offering up eight tips on how to be greener in 2008, with expansion of virtualization capabilities topping the list. Running multiple applications per server can boost utilization rates from the 15 to 20 percent range up to 90 percent.


Technology Futures also puts green technology front and center as something to watch next year on both the enterprise and consumer levels. Virtualization and collaboration will be hot items as organizations attempt to do more with less, while the old concepts of server, workstation and storage will continue to erode.


Analyst Henry Newman offers a number of specifics for the coming year in storage, including the rise of PCIe 2.0, SAS 2.5 and 1 TB tape densities. But to his credit, he points out that last year's predictions on tape density, switch sizes and RAID capabilities were off the mark. But hey, even George Washington lost a battle now and then.


The problem with predicting the future of technology is that most trends seem to follow a fairly steady path right up until a major disruption takes place. Will 2008 be a year in which established patterns simply unfold into a pleasant reality? Or is there a spoiler out there somewhere? Part of the fun is not knowing.

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