Virtualization Deals Galore

Arthur Cole

Virtualization is turning into the must-have technology this fall as vendors of all stripes wheel and deal their way into the hottest technology trend of the decade.


First up is Novell, which just signed an OEM deal with Virtual Iron to integrate the latest SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 kernel and drivers into Version 4 VI platform. The deal brings Novell's server, storage and support systems to VI users, which, by virtue of Novell's numerous relationships, includes hardware from IBM, HP, Dell, EMC, NetApp, Cisco and a host of others. Novell is also broadening its SUSE Linux licensing polices to let users run as many guest OS's per CPU as their network will allow.


Rackable Systems is also getting into the game, launching a new line of virtual servers based on the VMware Infrastructure 3 platform. Rackable has specialized in high-density, high-performance server configurations, and the company's goal is to boost utilization and efficiency rates through the VMware ESX server.


Hitachi is also jumping on the VMware train. The company's Universal Storage Platform and Network Storage Controller were recently certified under VMware's external storage virtualization hardware program. The move should make it easier to integrate Hitachi storage with VI3, enhancing the ability to deploy and remobilize applications as storage resources are scaled up or down to meet business needs. An integrated, scalable storage environment is a key enabler for VMware's Vmotion distributed volume management stack.


And ZenSource isn't about to let a little thing like the pending sale to Citrix get in the way of business. The company just released the OEM edition of XenExpress, an embedded system for Intel and AMD processors. It basically gives OEMs a full virtualization development platform for their own Flash of hard disk server. Best of all, it's ready to boot multiple BIOS partitions at start-up -- no more manual launching of hypervisors and such. The company hasn't signed any OEM deals yet, but the welcome mat is certainly out.


With all this activity spreading virtualization across numerous facets of the enterprise, even those of you still living in the real world will have to embrace the unreal virtually soon. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself). But since it increases utilization and saves real world money, you probably wouldn't want to wait much longer anyway.

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