Unisys Backs Off Itanium

Arthur Cole

More bad news for the Itanium.

Just a few weeks after Intel announced it was delaying the launch of the new quad-core Tukwila, presumably to integrate DDR3 memory into the process, a top customer has gone public with doubts about the chip's future.

Unisys VP of Systems and Storage Colin Lacey, is quoted here telling CNET News that the chip is no longer a viable option for the company's line of high-end servers, which likely will be outfitted with Xeons going forward.

In fact, the company latest model, the ES7000 7600R, outfitted with six-core Xeons, recently set a price/performance record in the TPC-H benchmark test. And based on customer tracking, the Xeon hasn't shown to be any less reliable than the Itanium, which has always been one of the latter's purported strong suits.

To date, though, Itanium's primary customer, HP, has shown no signs of pulling the plug, so it looks like development will continue. It appears though, that Intel needs to show some significant gains in the device's capabilities soon, or at least come up with a compelling argument as to why customers should continue to pay a premium for the design.

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