The Transition to IPv6

Arthur Cole

So you've done your homework and have selected all the gear you'll need to implement an IPv6 infrastructure. Now, according to this tutorial on Enterprise Networking Planet, the next step is transitioning your network from IPv4.


It's not as easy as it sounds. The first task is figuring out how to transport IPv6 packets over legacy IPv4 networks. Once you have that worked out and more and more IPv6 islands hook up, you'll need a quick way to either dump legacy IPv4 applications or piggyback them on IPv6 infrastructure, most likely with a loss in throughput.


This piece gives you the skinny on a number of approaches to counter these and other problems, such as dual stacking, configured tunneling and a variety of automated schemes worked out by the Internet Engineering Task Force.


None of them is perfect, and if you're already heavy into IPv6, you're likely on the cutting edge already. In which case, we'd be interested in learning what you've figured out for yourself.

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