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Arthur Cole

More details are emerging on Intel's next-gen Penryn processors, said to benefit greatly in terms of processing power and energy consumption by mixing the Core microarchitecture with the 45nm Hi-k and hafnium metal gate designs.


This article in Enterprise Networks and Servers, authored by Intel, offers the latest scoop on the six new Penryn designs, plus two new Xeon quads. The company looks like it's throwing everything but the kitchen sink into these designs, leveraging advanced power management and dynamic acceleration and throwing in streaming video and enhanced instruction set architectures. NewsFactorNetwork reports that Penryn will jam twice as many transistors in 25 percent less space than comparable systems.


Details on the Nehelem chips, due out in 2008, are included at Enterprise Networks and Servers. Get ready for dynamic management of the cores, threads, cache and interface, as well as simultaneous multi-threading and new SSE4 and ATA instruction set additions.

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