The Growing IT Divide

Arthur Cole

What are the dominant trends in enterprise infrastructures these days? Everyone's got an opinion, but I found the ones expressed in this article in Australian IT News to be rather insightful.


The piece runs through the major technology developments of the age relatively quickly, and you'll find all the usual suspects here: virtualization, consolidation, Web 2.0 and the green movement. But the real value is the examination of Sun CTO Greg Papadopolous' "red shift" theory, which holds that the IT industry is diverging along a single fault line. On one side are the very few, very large firms whose enterprise needs are growing at exponential rates; on the other side are the vast majority of smaller firms who look at IT as just another commodity.


This is causing most systems development to meet the needs of the large and powerful because they are the ones who still view IT as a strategic asset. It is their capabilities that are being outsourced to the smaller players, who get to benefit from improved capabilities without having to carry a large investment burden.


The task, then, for enterprise managers is to see which side of this IT divide you fall on, and then plan your strategies accordingly.

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