Sun Targets Entry-Level Storage

Arthur Cole

You gotta hand it to Sun -- it doesn't sit still for very long.


The company has made another stab at the storage market this week, unveiling a new open storage appliance nicknamed Amber Road but known formally as the Sun Storage 7000 line. The device is built on the Open Solaris platform and ranges in capacity from 2 to 288 TB using a combination of DRAM, SSDs and traditional hard drive technology.


The system is aimed at small to medium enterprises with features like five-minute setup and simplified management. It also draws less power compared to higher-end Sun offerings, like the Sun Fire x4540.


Pricing starts at $10,000 for the 7110, which includes only hard drives, and approaches $90,000 for a clustered 12 TB configuration. Higher-end systems also add services like replication, thin provisioning and compression, as well as analysis and management capabilities through the company's FishWorks (Fully Integrated Software and Hardware) program.

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Nov 12, 2008 2:58 AM Sun Employee Sun Employee  says:
Hello, I believe that you have a misunderstanding in your article here. The entire family has the same software features and there are no additional costs to using all the features. So for under 11,000 dollars you not only get the hardware, but you get all the enterprise features.For the correct details about our Sun Storage 7000 product line please go to for your time!!! Reply
Nov 13, 2008 1:47 AM Arthur Cole Arthur Cole  says:
Yes, I mis-stated that. All three systems include the advanced features.Thanks for the correction. Reply

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