Nexsan Taps 1 TB Hitachi Drives

Arthur Cole

Hitachi's new 1 TB Ultrastar hard drive is starting to make its mark on enterprise storage systems. Nexsan is the first to put them into service, integrating the Ultrastar A7K1000 into the SATABeast, SATABoy and SATABlade storage arrays.


The impact will be most dramatic on the SATABeast, boosting capacity 25 percent to 42 TB in a four-rack enclosure.


What's interesting, though, is the increased capacity won't necessarily come at the expense of increased power consumption. Nexsan employs the AutoMAID management system that draws down power to disk drives depending on their time in operation. If a disk has been idle only a short time, the system will unload the heads and pull them away from the media slightly to reduce friction inside the drive. Longer idle times will cause the drives to be spun down to half-speed or completely shut down while still leaving a power connection to juice it back up when needed. The company reports that the final option results in a 75 percent power reduction.


Other goodies include four-way autofail, active-active controllers and 4 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity.


With storage demands continually increasing, it's comforting to know that there are easy ways to boost capacity at low cost and with relative ease.

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