New Approach to Virtual Desktop

Arthur Cole

Start-up RingCube Technologies is adding a new twist to the desktop virtualization movement that seems to sidestep many of the licensing issues that have dogged the technology so far, says InformationWeek.


The company's MojoPac system virtualizes everything but the operating system, using the native operating system on the PC for the virtual machine's OS instead. Remote users can then generate a set of virtualized application files using less than 30 MB on the host system, rather than the 250 MB or so required by VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server.


The system is currently available for Windows XP and Vista. Enterprise versions include the MojoDrive for use on USB drives and other portables, MojoNet for a central server and MojoStation that resides on a corporate Web site.


No word yet on how soon the company plans to expand into other operating systems.

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Aug 23, 2007 8:25 AM mojouser mojouser  says:
I was using mojopac for awhile. It sounds like a cool idea but when I started using it regularly, then I found that it has a lot of limitations.For example, a lot of software does not work (especially VPN client), it requires admin privilege on the host machine, and it can only run XP on XP (no Vista), etc, etc. If you look at their user forum, there are a lot of unhappy users.Don't get me wrong. I think the idea is super cool. I think they just over promise and under deliver. Right now, I am back to using portable apps. Reply

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