NEC Promos Virtual PCIe Card

Arthur Cole

Here's an interesting preview of a prototype card that NEC is calling IO Virtualization, according to the Inquirer, although a more accurate description would be a PCIe-to-Ethernet bridge.


No matter what you call it, though, it should make a pretty nifty remote management tool when combined with a 10 GbE network.


Basically, you put one IOV card -- basically a PCIe card with an Altera Stratix II FPGA -- in one server (or PC or whatever) and the other in a remote PCIe slot. Both cards can transfer packets across the Ethernet, allowing you to activate the PCIe remotely. Not really a big deal so far. However, if the network goes down, the system simply views it as a hot-plug disconnection, which will cut off connectivity but won't cause the entire system to crash.


With an intelligent Ethernet switch, the system can be ported to literally hundreds of servers anywhere on the network. And you don't even have to open the case to do it.

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