Macs, Mac Lovers and the Enterprise

Arthur Cole

Is the Mac ready for the enterprise? Backers have come up with a number of reasons to say that it is. Chief among them are the inherent unstableness of Windows and the complexity of Linux, not to mention the fact that new online services are OS agnostic.


Still others argue that the Mac is simply superior to all comers by virtue of its expanded memory offerings and has a longer shelf life due to higher-quality design and workmanship.


Perhaps the one drawback to moving Wintel Macs into the enterprise was poor graphics performance, particularly when it came to 3-D rendering. But even that is likely to change now that Intel has introduced the GMA965 chip, which provides the advanced support of an integrated graphics engine as well as hardware-supported transform and lighting.


But don't expect the PC crowd to give up the enterprise without a fight. From overall cost to software and peripheral flexibility, there are still plenty of reasons to support Windows into the Vista future and beyond.

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Mar 16, 2007 4:30 AM Frank Lazar Frank Lazar  says:
For a lot of folks with entrenched applications that are wedded to the Micorosft/Internet Explorer procrustean bed, there more than likely will be no change while the company lives.The real potential for movement lies with smaller companies who are using applications which arent' so tied down. Office, Quickbooks, and the like are multi-platform. Also any web based application which isn't welded to ActiveX or Microsoft for someother reason is another scenario where choice is more of a real option.But the hard core financial types? Simply no way. going from Windows to Mac is too severe a change to even think of for organisations that are just thinking to move beyond Windows NT or 2000. They'll also have way too much invested in extreme proprietary apps that are Windows only. Reply

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