Let Them Have Their Web 3.0

Arthur Cole

Well, that didn't take long. Less than a day after the New York Times ran an article quoting some venture capitalists about Web 3.0, the blogosphere went nuts. Make it stop, nearly all of them shouted. No more marketing gimmicks.


But amid the knee-jerk cacophony, a couple of remarks made a lot of sense. Yes, Web 3.0 is a stupid way to begin a movement, but the technology behind it is extremely sophisticated and could very well change things for the better.


Tops on the list is the semantic Web, which aims to tag documents of all sorts with a common set of meaningful labels so that network devices have a better understanding of queries and searches. (Actually, it's a lot more than that, but this will have to do for the sake of our discussion.) The idea is to provide a more intelligent Web that can produce results that are far more defined and personalized than the service we know today.


Some folks are also talking about microformats that will automatically embed semantics onto HTML pages as they are created.


So does the term "Web 3.0" make us gag? Sure, but if that's what the money people need to put the resources behind efforts to make it happen, then we say go for it.

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