It's a Great View from the Mighty Microsoft Mountain

Arthur Cole

Perhaps the best thing about being Microsoft is the knowledge that no matter what people think of your product, they're eventually going to buy it anyway. How else to explain the results of a recent survey by CRN that showed Microsoft expects to make billions off of Vista in the next few years even while customers see no compelling reason to buy it?


Not to worry, though, hardware upgrades and normal computer replacement cycles will bring everyone under the Vista umbrella soon.


In the meantime, Microsoft is at least trying to make the data migration process a little easier with a new tool kit to handle things like application integration and activation management. There's also a hardware assessment package to make sure you've got the goods to run Vista. Our understanding, though, is that if your system can simply run the hardware assessment tool, you've probably got all you need for Vista anyway.


Microsoft is even taking pains to ensure that Vista jibes with SQL 2005 environments, with a new service pack that, among other things, makes it easier to swap data with Office, Excel and other applications.


So even while Microsoft knows it's got your money, it at least makes the effort to keep you happy.


Must be good to be the king.

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