Is Windows Vista All That Important?

Arthur Cole

It came as no surprise that Windows Vista got a lot of ink following the January 30 launch of the home versions. What is surprising is that after many months of questions as to exactly why enterprises should bother upgrade, Microsoft has not bothered to come up with a compelling answer.


Those same questions continued into the new year, with pundits of all stripes asking "why bother?" Not only will it cost an arm, if not a leg, to purchase the new system, but you have to lay out for data migration and retraining as well. And all without adding any real functionality to your network.


Of course, some say it doesn't really matter to Microsoft whether you buy it now because you're only going to buy it later when you upgrade your hardware. So your best bet is to figure out how you're going to migrate your data now, either to Vista or some other OS.


Then again, you can stop worrying about operating systems altogether and simply buy whatever hardware/software configurations suit your needs. In the coming age of virtualization, you'll most likely to able to pick and choose any number of tools for any given task. The power is finally shifting over to the consumer.

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