Fujitsu Readies 1.2 TB Drive

Arthur Cole

All right, this is getting to be just a little bit beyond ridiculous. Apparently, Fujitsu is gearing up a line of 2.5-inch laptop hard drives capable of, get this, 1.2 TB of storage. You read that right, terabytes.


The buzz on the street, says, is that the company has developed a technique using "alumina nanoholes" that enable isolated bit-by-bit recording on the disk. The company is claiming that it has devised a basic read/write method on a standard rotating disk, which should result in a 1.2 TB capacity on the two-platter drive.


Fujitsu developed the drive using the Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) process to establish discrete distances from bit to bit and track to track to arrive at a pitch density of about 100 nanometers.


Still up in the air, though, is whether the device can operate within reasonable power consumption and heat parameters.


And while the old saying about applications always conforming to meet hardware capabilities still holds, there have to be more than a few heads being scratched out there as people wonder what sort of laptop user needs more than one trillion bytes at their fingertips.

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